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Legal Services For Lending Institutions

Lending institutions operate in a minefield of regulations, potential litigation and operating challenges. There is no better asset for a lending institution than partnering with an experienced lawyer who understands the financial industry and can provide valuable counsel and legal support.

Valued counsel and legal support are exactly what we provide for lenders in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. At Sandelands Law LLC, we help clients streamline their operations and avoid legal exposure. Our legal service is backed by our attorney’s more than 30 years of experience handling complex legal matters both in transactions and litigation.

Protecting Our Clients’ Interests

We provide legal services that include:

  • Protecting against liability: With the numerous multifaceted laws and regulations ordering the lending industry, there is constant danger and exposure to legal violations and civil claims. We help lenders understand their legal obligations and potential risks in their lending policies and procedures to help them avoid legal problems.
  • Creating efficiencies: Even when lending policies and procedures are legally viable and safe, most lenders operate with numerous inefficiencies. We examine our clients’ policies and procedures to uncover and streamline these inefficiencies to protect their bottom line.
  • Providing litigation and dispute-resolution services: When disputes arise, it is important to work with an attorney who knows how to find favorable, effective solutions. We focus on resolving disputes outside of court as our first option, which is much more efficient in most cases. When a case has to go to court, we advocate aggressively for our clients.

We are equipped to provide legal representation for isolated issues or create long-term partnerships with our clients. The best approach is often to work together in every issue that arises, as this approach saves time bringing a lawyer up to speed on your operations.

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