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Amazon and New York’s attorney general at odds

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2021 | Business Law

Business litigation occurs between a corporation and the government as much as it might between two businesses. Each case has its own complexities, but appealing against the government often involves different tactics.

As Reuters reports, recent health concerns have New York’s courts rejecting an Amazon lawsuit over their attorney general.

Accusations of profit over safety

New York’s attorney general sued Amazon in February over its alleged treatment of thousands of its workers at both a fulfillment center and distribution center. She claims that the company improperly disciplined two of its employees after protesting working conditions.

New investigations into health and safety

Amazon sought to block the attorney general from looking into their ability to protect warehouse workers, claiming that their procedures and compliance with federal health and labor laws suffice. The attorney general cites unhappy workers as cause enough to seek a court-appointed safety monitor.

Now that the court rejected Amazon’s lawsuit to block the attorney general, Amazon seeks to dismiss her case for the safety monitor.

It is unclear whether Amazon or the attorney general has other lawsuits in mind after these.

The back and forth of business and government

This is a classic example of how companies work to protect their interests, strategies and success from allegedly heavy-handed government oversight. This back and forth involves handling complex business law disputes in a careful manner that walks the balance of efficient litigation without breaking the budget with unnecessary legal moves.

Amazon is a big company with bigger wallets, but any company may find themselves balancing these two aspects while defending their right to do business from government inquiry.