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How companies can lower the risk of contract disputes with freelancers

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2021 | Firm News

When a company chooses to hire freelancers for a project, it can be beneficial for the freelancer and the business. Unfortunately, there are instances where a contract with a freelancer can result in a contract dispute.

Not all projects require full-time employees to undertake them. In this case, it is up to the business to protect itself in case there is a contract dispute or if the freelancer does not complete the project.

Verify the freelancer’s talent

Freelancers often have the same skillset as full-time employees. There is a large talent pool, but without expectations, a business cannot ensure that there will be quality work. Before a company enters a contract, there has to be a clear understanding between the freelancer and the company. Freelancers should have references. A company can contact the references to ensure that the freelancer completes high-quality work on time.

According to, a company can also look at the person’s prior work. For instance, if a company needs to hire an app developer, ask the freelancer for examples of apps that he or she helped develop. Freelancers can also go through an interview process before undertaking a job.

Have a descriptive contract

When a company hires a freelancer, it requires protection in case the freelancer does not complete a project. Without a descriptive contract, companies may not be able to dispute the matter. The contract needs to create firm deadlines with a full description of the project. Low par work that contradicts the discussed details in the contract may set the stage for a dispute. Disputes could lead to litigation or mediation.